Calmer  ·  Stronger  ·  Healthier
30 postures in 60 minutes designed for lifelong health A progressive series of yoga postures accessible to all and which improves  your flexibility and endurance, strengthens your body and calms your mind.   Simply doing the postures to the best of your abilities will give you 100% of  the benefits, and make you feel better physically and mentally! Come to relieve stress, find balance in your life and freedom from tight  muscles and joints.  Our yoga is ideal for all fitness levels, and for beginners as  well as the seasoned yogis due to posture modifications.  Just come in and smile… this is going to change the way you feel! For schedule updates and announcements please contact us to join our Bright Tree Yoga community mailing list. Now taking registration for November-December sessions. 6 class sessions for $50 morning and/or evening sessions NOTE: limited space left. Contact us to reserve your space